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Are You Struggling with Staying Focused? TRY This!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

By: Shelby Chickman

At times, it can be difficult to focus and do your homework. When it feels like you have 8,000 things to do and are tired from a busy week, starting your homework is the last thing you want to do. Sometimes, you simply feel no motivation to do the work and it can be hard to figure out what you need to do to be able to focus so you can start working.

The pomodoro timing method is a great time management tool when it comes to studying or doing your homework. Below is an infographic about the timing method and what to do during each step. Reminder that the times can be customized to you. This can be working for longer or shorter times based on what works for you.

If timing yourself using a normal clock is not structured enough, there are other options you can use. While there are various phone apps for pomodoro timers, I prefer to use a website that I can have open as I’m working on my computer. I get distracted by having my phone out, so it helps me combat some of my distractions. My personal favorite website is It allows you to set up your tasks, change the timer settings and can record how many hours you’ve used it! Another great one is that you can also customize to what works for you.

Procrastination and burnout are very real when it comes to school and this is one method to help with that. Never forget you can come here to Personalized Prep for study hall if you need a quiet place to work!

If you need a quiet place to study, come and learn more about our Study Hall!

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