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What Our Students and

Parents Say About Personalized Prep

A Message from one of
our Students, Sophie!

Our Students Say

"I am beyond happy that I chose Personalized Prep over other ACT tutors. Personalized Prep has a team that is fully invested in doing everything they can to help you achieve your personal best score. Their personalized lesson prep helps you focus on improving the areas that you need the most work on. It is an environment without judgement where you feel safe being vulnerable and you feel heard. They do a great job of personally connecting with you as well. On my first practice ACT I scored a 27 and on my first real ACT my score jumped to a 33. I can't thank Personalized Prep enough for all that they've done for me. I am so thankful that I chose them." 

Charlie Mannon, Personalized Prep Alumni

Jennifer M

Sean and his team are incredible! My son's ACT score went up 5 points from his practice sessions to his real test! Sean was so supportive and motivating. I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for tutoring.

They not only will exceed your expectations but give you and your student undivided attention and support. Thank you again Personalized Prep!

Max K

I've worked with Sean for 4 years now, and although he has been a great tutor, he has also been a mentor to me. Thanks to Personalized Prep, Sean, and the other tutors, I've been able to grow more than just academically

Tamera B

Sean and his team are the real deal. My son's initial ACT was 26 and with their help and support, he was able to get a 32!!!  This is not a cookie cutter operation. The team got to know him and gave my son the confidence and the tools to succeed with individualized tutoring. Don't hesitate, I will & have referred anyone who asks!!!

Jason C

Each individual tutor at Personalized Prep has a unique and effective way of approaching the students' learning abilities. Reflecting on my experience here, I can confidently say that Sean was extremely invested in all of his students. After just one summer of working with Sean, my SAT score skyrocketed a couple hundred points.

Wes A

I just finished being tutored for the ACT by Personalized Prep and my experience was great. Prior to going, I felt hopeless. I did pretty good at school but was horrible at the ACT. I tried all books online and even went to Princeton Review but didn't really see any significant gain in my score. I got recommended from a friend to try Personalized Prep and it was the best decision I ever made. I found myself excited to go to tutoring actually and Sean really helped explain the information in a way that isn't so academic which helped. After only a few months of tutoring I got my score from a 22 to a 28 and I got into the college I wanted to go to plus lots of merit based scholarship!! I have been recommending Sean and Personalized Prep to everyone I know and it's definitely the place to go if you think that you can't do good on the ACT/SAT

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