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What Our Students and

Parents Say About Personalized Prep

A Message from our Student Sophie!

"I am beyond happy that I chose Personalized Prep over other ACT tutors. Personalized Prep has a team that is fully invested in doing everything they can to help you achieve your personal best score. Their personalized lesson prep helps you focus on improving the areas that you need the most work on. It is an environment without judgement where you feel safe being vulnerable and you feel heard. They do a great job of personally connecting with you as well. On my first practice ACT I scored a 27 and on my first real ACT my score jumped to a 33. I can't thank Personalized Prep enough for all that they've done for me. I am so thankful that I chose them." 

Former Student of Personalized Prep, Charlie Mannon

Charlie Mannon

Personalized Prep Alumni, Class of 2022

Current Student of Personalized Prep, Brooke Rosten

Brooke Rosten

Corona Del Mar High School, Class of 2023

"Personalized Prep works perfectly for me because they make me feel very welcome. All of my tutors are really nice and are always willing to help me with any challenge that I bring to them. I have enjoyed all of my lessons as they teach me the course material to get a good ACT score. The ample supply of snacks also help. However, the most important skill they have taught me is how to stay on task and the importance of being a diligent student."

"My college counselors told me a 4-year University would be a "reach" upon my graduation. They suggested I apply to junior college and transfer after 2 years. The owner of Personalized Prep, Sean Yen, told me to ignore the “doubters.” His unwavering faith that I could achieve the test scores and grades necessary to get into a 4 year college, made me believe it too. I am much more passionate about my education now, knowing that someone out there believes in me. I am now enjoying life at my reach school, The University of Arizona." 

Former student of Personalized Prep, Brennin Tidwell

Brennin Tidwell

University of Arizona,
Class of 2022

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