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Prep Gives Back

As the Personalized Prep community is growing, we want to do more than just help our students’ academic success. We want to recognize the strides they have made each and every year to become scholars. Our tutors and staff see the diligent work that our students make at the Prep. We are going to make an active step to highlight some of these achievements. 

Personalized Prep has created the Prep Awards. These are awards that will be given to students that emulate the Personalized Prep mantras and pursue goals that are beyond themselves. The awards Personalized Prep has decided to create are recognitions that schools, universities, and, sometimes, parents often overlook. Students are burdened with many stresses of life with sports, difficult courses, and ever changing lives. These awards are for those who do so much to gain even more. We are proud to announce the three Prep Awards: GPA Increase Award, AP Scholar Award, Athletic Scholar Award. 

The GPA Increase Award is one that is near and dear to our hearts. At the Prep, we saw many students struggle throughout the pandemic. We saw many grades fall with the lack of in person learning as well as an immense amount of basic knowledge being unlearned. This award is for our students who we have seen improve their GPA scores from an all time low to a consistent high. 

The AP Scholar Award is for our students who have taken on the challenge of taking 3 or more AP classes a year and demonstrated an extremely high level of determination to the success of those courses. Whether that be through study hours or through group sessions, these students are striving to make their AP courses a success.

The Athletic Scholar Award is for our students who participate in two or more athletic school activities that take away from their studies, however, their GPA remains high. We want to exemplify the resilience of these students to continue reaching highs both academically and athletically. 

These three awards are for the students who do so much, yet they are not recognized for their accomplishments. We hope to help students feel validated that their hard work does not go unnoticed. 


Personalized Prep has seen so many students achieve their academic goals over the course of seven wonderful years, but we don’t want to stop there. We are committed to the development of students' minds and allow them to have unbounded opportunities for the future! It is for this reason we have decided to offer the Personalized Prep Scholarship Awards. 

This scholarship is our gift to those students who strive for excellence and deserve every chance to reach their fullest potential. We do not want tuition or college applications to be an obstacle inhibiting these students. This scholarship is for families who may not be able to afford all the college process requires. We hope this scholarship can bring some joy to those who feel overwhelmed by the next steps in their education journey. 

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