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The Personalized Prep scholarship is awarded twice a year to two different students. The first award is given at the end of the Spring Semester in late June and the second award is distributed at the end of the Fall Semester in January. There are two different possible awards that each student can choose to accept. The first award is a $2,000 immediate fund to assist students with all the college application or testing processes. The second award is to aid students with SAT or ACT learning; students will get a $5,000 dollar Test Preparation full ride scholarship provided by the Personalized Prep Team. We will make sure you get into your dream school with a score you are confident with.


  • Students applying must be an active high school, college, or graduate student. 

  • Students must be at a current academic 3.5 unweighted GPA.

  • Family income must be less than a combined $100,000.

Required Documentation:

  • Proof of GPA status and current class year.

  • A long essay answering the question (650 words):

    • What would the Personalized Prep Scholarship do for you to help you achieve your academic goals?

  • Two short essays answering the questions (350 words each):

    • Which scholarship package would you choose? Why do you see that as the most helpful? 

    • Many students have talents, circumstances, or experiences that they feel define them. Tell us about yourself through one of these scopes.

Additional Information:

  • Any and all submissions must be submitted to

  • All submissions must be submitted by 11:59 on the dated deadline.

  • January award application due October 11th of each year.

  • June award application due March 9th of each year.

Our First Scholarship Winner!

Our first scholarship winner was Arie Vassar: a nursing student studying to pass her nursing exam called the NCLEX. She worked with us for 6 weeks in preparation for this exam. Watch the video here to learn more about Arie's Personalized Prep journey. 

Apply for our scholarship yourself to help achieve your academic goals!

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