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Did You Know? 5 Quick Stats for College Admissions in 2022-2023

By: Sean Yen

The College Admissions process can be extremely stressful, and the more information you have, the better! Here are Personalized Prep’s “3 Surprising Stats” for College Admissions that will help your student gain admission into their dream schools!

#1: Increase your admissions chances by 10x with Personalized Essays that truly convey YOUR personality.

# 2: Harvard applicants within similar academic profiles have 10x higher admissions chances when they have a strong personal score (of which essays are a critical component).

# 3: in 4 students with strong essays get accepted at one or more selective colleges where their academic profile is below the average admitted student (“reach” schools).

# 4: Applying to USC? Students submitting an ACT or SAT score are 40% more like to get admitted.

# 5: Scholarships valued at $100,000 or more are awarded for student success on the ACT and SAT.

For further guidance and help on college admissions, feel free to reach out to us at! Stay tuned for more tips!

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