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Top 5 Hacks for the ACT!

By: Alena You

During my experience as a tutor with the ACT, I have found that taking the ACT is not just a test of understanding content, but much more than that. The ACT is testing students for skills such as endurance, stamina, detail to attention, prudence, and accuracy. To really get good at the ACT, here are my Top 5 Hacks to help students move the needle forward.

  1. Utilizing the Process of Elimination: The ACT is all multiple choice. If you eliminate 2 answers, you will end up with 50% of getting the correct answer. Use this tactic often!

  2. Make use of as much ACT material as you can possible: There are so many practice tests out there. Doing more tests will give you exposure to many variations of certain concepts and doing more of them will help you reveal more patterns of how these variations can be applied.

  3. SKIP the problem if you are taking too long: The ACT rewards students that can be aware of their timing and how long they are taking for each question. If you are stuck on a question for more than 45 seconds, move on to the next.

  4. Keeping Track of Information: In all sections, students must learn how to be organized and keep track of their information. My favorite tools are underlining the passages and important charts, circling what I need to look for, and annotating the main ideas.

  5. Your Answers are Your Best Friend: In all sections, especially Math and Science, going straight to the answer choices after you have read the question can help you save so much time. There are only 4 possible answers.

  6. (Bonus) Get an Accountability Partner: It’s important to have some sort of accountability when it comes to the ACT, whether that is a study partner or a tutor. That is why Personalized Prep was founded, to provide a personalized learning curriculum but also to provide accountability for our students and make sure that they are on track with their test preparation. If you like, you can book a free consultation for more information at this link:

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